Introducing Axis Bucks!

Axis Bucks can be earned by:

  1. Referring someone you know to Axis. If that person books a 30 minute lesson plan*, you earn 10 Axis Bucks! If he or she books a 60 minute lesson plan*, you earn 20 Axis Bucks! If that special someone takes lessons here for an entire year (at least 40 total lessons), you earn an additional 30 Axis Bucks! There is no cap or limit on this opportunity, so bring in your friends, family members, classmates, teachers, neighbors, mailman, and pets. Wait … no pets, animals are not eligible.                                                                                                    *Minimum 6 lessons
  1. Performing at an Axis recital or student showcase. Every time you go on stage for an Axis event you earn Axis Bucks! Students earn 5 Bucks for performing in a recital and 10 Bucks for a Student Showcase. Again, no limit, so keep your eye out for our monthly calendar of events and join us when you can.
  1. Participating in Axis promotions. A Halloween Treasure Hunt, Bring-A-Buddy Week, Canned Food Drive, these are among the recent promotions where students have earned Axis Bucks based on their participation. Make sure that you’re on our email list and stay tuned to our website and social media for more opportunities to earn Axis Bucks.
  1. Doing good deeds. Did you volunteer for a non-profit organization? Did you give another child your old instrument? Did you play some music for residents of an assisted living center? Let us know and we’ll hook you up with some bonus Axis Bucks (subject to approval).
  1. Winning awards at school or in your community. Provide us with an award that you earned and we’ll recognize your recognition with some Axis Bucks. Get straight A’s on your report card and earn 10 Axis Bucks. All A’s and B’s gets you 5 Axis Bucks. Be named your school’s Student of the Week and get 10 more Axis Bucks!

Begin saving your Axis Bucks and pick out a prize goal from the catalog pictured below. Once you have earned enough Bucks, turn them in and reap the rewards for your efforts. Now get out there and start your collection!

Axis Bucks cannot be pooled between multiple students or combined with any other offers. Axis will track the dispersal of Axis Bucks and our distribution records will be used for all redemptions. Axis Bucks have no monetary value. Axis reserves the right to cease this promotion without warning.