The following one-hour classes are $20 each and you can simply show up and attend. For now all drop-in classes are only available at our Birmingham academy.

iPad Samplers on Friday, July 26th at 4 pm – Playing with sound is an essential part of sound design. In this class students will learn how to load sounds onto the iPad and then manipulate them. Apps used include Samplr, Loopy and Borderlands.

New iPad Instruments on Friday, August 2nd at 4 pm – Learn how to harness the hardware of the iPad including its touch screen, gesture recognition and gyroscopes. Apps utilized include TC-11, Playgound and Soundprism.

Generative Music on Friday, August 9th at 4 pm – Generative music is one of the cornerstones of ambient music and is a great way to create complex music that evolves based on a set of rules. This approach presents an excellent way to discover new musical ideas and layer dynamic elements. Apps used include Bloom, Nodebeat, Xinthesizer and Sector.

Beat Making on Friday, August 16th at 4 pm – The iPad is a powerful tool for beat making, which can be used both in production and as a live drum machine. This workshop will cover a variety of genres and will focus on ways to build unique beats through syncopation and effects processing. Apps utilized include DM1, DM2 and Patterning.

DJing on Friday, August 23rd at 4 pm – Students will learn how to beat sync, use effects, set cues, EQ and more. Play with your favorite music and styles while learning the essential skills that make DJs great. Apps used include djay and Dubsiren DX.

Sequencing on Friday, August 30th at 4 pm – Sequencers are essential tools for melodic and rhythmic invention, and in this class students will learn different ways to write and perform sequenced musical creations. Apps utilized include Earhoof, Lily, Xinthesizer and Chordeon.

Focus on Lady Gaga on Thursday, July 25th at 7 pm – Discuss Lady Gaga’s training, drive, persistence and her impact on the industry before learning to sing some Gaga songs.

Focus on Britney Spears on Thursday, August 1st at 7 pm – Learn what made Britney a pop princess from her approach to singing to her tremendous work ethic before learning to sing some classic Britney tunes.

Focus on P!nk on Thursday, August 8th at 7 pm – We discuss what set P!nk apart from the crowd during her meteoric rise to fame before learning how to sing like she does.

Focus on Billie Eilish on Thursday, August 15th at 7 pm – Billie stormed onto the scene in 2016 and shows no signs of slowing. We’ll discuss her unique vocal abilities before learning to sing some of her songs.

Focus on Demi Lovato on Thursday, August 22nd at 7 pm – Learn about Demi’s dynamic vocal range and how she mastered it before settling in to learn how to sing like she does.

Focus on Amy Winehouse on Thursday, August 29th at 7 pm – We’ll discuss Amy’s impact on the musical world during her short career, what she did technically to make that happen and then we’ll do our best to teach you those skills.

Theory of Music on Friday, July 26th at 5 pm – In this class we’ll identify various symbols used in notating music and also teach basic lessons about the dynamics used in music.

Music in Everyday Life on Friday, August 2nd at 5 pm – This class will focus on listening to and creating art based on how music makes us feel.

Styles of Music on Friday, August 9th at 5 pm – This week we will introduce different styles of music to the children and explain how the same instruments can create a variety of different genres.

Percussion Instruments on Friday, August 16th at 5 pm – We’ll focus our attention on the different percussion instruments and explore their contributions to songs before creating our very own instruments to take home.

Voice is an Instrument on Friday, August 23rd at 5 pm – We’ll delve into how every single child has an instrument within them by teaching proper warm up techniques, breathing and pitch.

Tempos in Music on Friday, August 30th at 5 pm – Our final class will explore tempos such as adagio, presto, allegro and andante and how they determine what a song sounds like.