Lessons and Scheduling – Lessons and classes are scheduled consecutively for the same day(s) and time(s) every week, except the following holidays on which Axis Music is closed: New Year’s Day(1/1), Memorial Day(Monday), Independence Day(7/4), Labor Day(Monday), Thanksgiving(Thursday), Christmas Eve(12/24), Christmas(12/25), New Year’s Eve(12/31) and New Year’s Day(1/1). Lessons falling on any of these holidays will automatically skip over to the following week. Students who opt for flexible scheduling may schedule individual lessons 1 to 7 days in advance. Any and all matters regarding scheduling can be sent to your Academy Director or schedule@axismusic.com.

Instructors are never responsible for relaying schedule changes. Students/parents may not directly contact instructors for matters regarding Axis Music. Students/parents may not solicit instructors for lessons outside of Axis Music without prior written permission from the CEO or Executive Director.

Attendance and Cancellation Policy – It is the student’s responsibility to attend lessons on time as scheduled. In the event that a lesson needs to be canceled or rescheduled, students must contact the academy before close at least one business day prior to the lesson. We are not open on Sunday, so any requests to cancel or reschedule a lesson that falls on a Monday must be made on the preceding Saturday before close at 6:00 pm. Instructors will create home studies for same day cancellations that will replace that day’s lesson. In the rare instance that an instructor is absent or vacates his/her position with Axis Music, another expert instructor will substitute for that lesson or class.

Photo and Video Recording – Axis Music Academy and/or Axis Music Foundation reserves the right to photograph and/or video record student lessons and performances and use recordings for advertising and promotion of Axis Music and/or any of their events. Axis Music will own the copyright of these photos/videos and may publish them in any medium.

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