Our October Student(s) of the Month are the brand new student band No No Yeah! The band consists of Matteo Ruma on drums, Alexander Prodan on bass, Jan Kral on guitar, Axis instructor Eric Roosen on guitar and backup vocals and Sadie Sawyer on lead vocals and guitar. The band was formed in September and Eric’s focus was preparing them to play the Halloween Mega Blitz at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. The Mega Blitz is an annual event where bands play an entire set of cover songs from classic bands. No No Yeah chose to portray Cream for the night and opened the festivities with a two-song set for the live performance debut. The kids (and Eric) played to a packed house and the excitement of performing in front of a live crowd was evident. Click here for a snippet of their performance.

No No Yeah from left to right is Jan Kral, Sadie Sawyer, Matteo Ruma and Alexander Prodan.

And now, a band bio:

Matteo Ruma is 10 years old and attends Pierce Elementary. Matteo is proficient on both the bass guitar and also the drums. He will soon be the face of Axis Music as his picture will appear on the front of our brand new brochures. Matteo loves to play basketball in his spare time.

Alexander Prodan is 10 years old and he also attends Pierce Elementary. Alexander and Matteo are good buddies and have been known to hit the hardwood together for some hoops. Between games Alexander also spends time excelling at math and a lot of time in the pool. When not playing bass Alexander is also known to play the piano.

Jan Kral is also 10 years old and he is currently enrolled at Martell Elementary. Jan has been studying guitar with Axis for five years and it shows on stage. Jan’s unique style of play is a direct reflection of Eric’s tutelage and time spent with him. When he’s not playing music Jan can be found on the ice playing hockey.

Sadie Sawyer is the elder stateswoman of the group at 13 years of age. Sadie has been playing gigs with Eric at The Loving Touch for over a year now and it tells in her confident stage presence. Sadie is a student at Cranbrook and can also be found representing her school in the field hockey.

What’s next for No No Yeah? Stay tuned as this is just the beginning …