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About Axis Music

Founded in 1996, Axis Music Academy is Michigan’s premier source for music education. We offer private music lessons and classes at our academy or in the comfort of your own home. We teach all instruments, all ages, and all skill levels. 

Axis will develop a customized curriculum for each student enrolled, as no two people learn in the same way. Day, evening, and weekend music lessons are available all year long to begin or advance your musical journey. 

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Our Programs

Besides one-on-one music lessons we also offer music discovery programs for preschool children, music production courses, rock band classes and even artist development assistance for aspiring musicians.



Do you know what one of the biggest roadblocks is when you are learning how to play Guitar or Bass?

It’s not having your guitar or bass set up properly. Sore hands & fingers, nothing sounds good – why would you want to even play it?

Keeping your instrument in peak condition, even as a beginner, can be a game changer. With the proper setup, entry level instruments (Squier, Epiphone, and many other brands) can feel and play almost like the big brands (Fender, Gibson, Music Man)!

Services include:

-New Strings (you just tell us the gauge you would like)-

-Action adjustments-

-Neck/Truss Rod & Nut adjustments-

-Instrument Intonation-

-Hardware adjustments-

-Standard cleanup (We make it shiny!)-


Get that professional feel on your drumkit!

Setting up your drumkit for the first time, or dealing with the regular maintenance can be challenging. With our new drum setup service, we can make it a breeze!



All you need to do is call or email us, and we can work with you to schedule a time for one of our fantastic drum teachers to come out to your home and get your kit sounding as great as possible!

Call or email us to set up your appointment for a drum setup, or bring in your guitar or bass today!

*Terms & Conditions Apply*

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