Music Discovery

This program is designed for pre-school children and focuses on introducing them to basic music concepts and multiple instruments in order to create curiosity and discover their interests. 

Kids Rock

Each week consists of introducing a new concept using instruments such as shakers, keyboards and drums through fun games and activities. Designed to cultivate musical interests in budding musicians from ages 2-5, learning through various hands-on, song and dance activities while having FUN the whole time.

Throughout this program the children will play on live instruments, make their own instruments, write their own rhythms and songs, sing popular children’s songs in unison and in harmony all while learning the basics needed to learn the guitar, piano, or drums.

The advantages of this program are endless. Not only will the class prepare the kids to learn instruments, but studies have shown studying music can help kids understand words, reading, language and even writing. Not to mention social skills, self expression and confidence!

At Axis Music Academy, we fully believe that introducing music to children at a young age develops a lifelong love of music and creativity. Most of all, they have TONS OF FUN while they’re learning!

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