Vocal Performance

Axis Music can help you to achieve your singing dreams! Each session begins with vocal warm ups that will teach proper technique and breathing. YOU choose the songs that will be worked on throughout the program and both parties set goals for the student. We’ll coach you up on stage presence and how to properly use a microphone in preparation for your big debut!

Course Description

Our Vocal Performance promises:

– You will sing various songs with the correct vocal technique and vocal expression.

– You will learn the fundamentals of the human voice such as body alignment, posture and breathing.

– You will gain an understanding of pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo and how it relates to singing and musical phrasing.

– You will shape vowel and consonant sounds, read music notes on the staff and understand their vocal range and your unique voice.

– Intermediate and advanced students will explore their creativity and expression by composing original songs.

– YOU will have the opportunity to perform at multiple events throughout the year!

The Axis Vocal Performance program ROCKS and is open to all ages and both genders.